• Release the Kraken! Well, at least the petrol anyway

    We've listed the Kraken Petroleum kit today on the website.

    "The last gas station at the end of the world. A common convenience on the highways and townships of the mid 20th century, sightings of these elaborate art deco Kraken Petroleum filling stations have become increasingly rare in more recent decades. A pleasant anachronism for travellers along the old time routes."

    Consisting of both 3mm and 1.8mm MDF components the kits is pretty simple to put together, with the petrol pumps being the most challenging.

    We really like this kit. It was the first kit Scott designed by starting with a 3d 'sketch', we think it's turned out nicely!

    It would suit a range of different games, and would certainly be at home in any post-apoc or zombie setting.

    The kit is online now!

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