• Catching up ... let's kick off 2017!

    Well, a year has gone past without ANY updates or articles on our website. As we look back at the content on the Knights of Dice website is is very much not associated with what we do, mostly containing a back log of random articles published during the time before Knights of Dice began our adventure into laser cut terrain.

    With 2017 upon us, and KoD growing and moving rapidly forward it's very much past time that we started paying attention to not just designing and selling products but producing content for our website and social media channels that help provide after-sales support. Tutorials, discussion, hints & tips, upcoming model previews etc.

    People have been asking us for a long time about how to paint MDF models to a good standard, there are a list of questions that are asked on a daily basis ... there are lots of things we would love to share and much of that requires more than a few paragraphs on Facebook.

    It's been a little over a year since we started this little adventure and it's grown into something that has wonderful potential to continue growing. Our products are now sold by retailers all across Australia, we have retailers in the UK, in Europe and this year we aim to break into the US market as well as proper international distribution and warehousing.

    As we move forward we'll be making a much more concentrated effort to get involved with the community, to begin and be part of existing discussions and to help you make and buildings awesome looking tables for your games of toy soldiers. Whether you use our products, someone else, or make your own ... we want to be a part of it!

    To kick things off for 2017 here is a little walk around of our Studio in Heidelberg West, Victoria - Australia:

    I'm personally very excited about this year and I'm looking forward to sharing with you everything we do here at Knights of Dice.

    Thank you for your encouragement, support, custom and for being an awesome community!

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