• Wave 10 X-Wing trays and more

    X-wing being the never-ending behemoth it is we are constantly looking at producing new trays to fit the range as it expands and the needs of the players in the community. With the latest Wave 10 releases earlier this year being completed we've worked with members of the X-Wing community here in Melbourne to develop a range of new trays.

    We want to say a very special thank you to Benjamin Johns who was kind of enough to lend us his Wave 10 ships to trace and create new shapes. You can find the new Wave 10 shapes for the Upsilon, Sabine's Tie Fighter and Quadjumper on our CreateIt software on the LaserTouch website.

    The new tray will be available on the website as well as in retail stores across Australia. If your local store does not stock our kits, foam trays or storage bags and boxes ask them to contact us or our distributor Let's Play Games.

    Ben was also super helpful in not only designing the new Wave 10 tray but also a collection of 'meta' trays for all the factions; Imperials, Rebels and Scum. These new meta trays were developed by Ben after his tournament experience and seeing the range of ships that competitive players typically brought to events.

    Each tray fits several different play styles and allows players to come to events with a minimal of paraphernalia. Holding the ships and all their accessories such as bases and dials these trays have been very popular and we've had tremendous feedback on Facebook.

    The Rebels Meta Tray holds everything you need to transport the ships for these popular lists:

    • Rey/Poe
    • Rey/Norra
    • Miranda + 2x TLT Y-Wings
    • Miranda/Norra
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (3x K-Wing bombers, explosions everywhere)
    • 2x ARCs + Z-95/X-Wing
    • Miranda/Corran

    The Scum Meta Tray holds all the ships you need for these popular tournament lists:

    • Paratanni
    • Dengaroo
    • Ketsu and Thug Life
    • Oldfennaroo
    • Asajj or Ketsu w/ Dengar

    Are you a competitive X-Wing player, would these new meta trays be useful in transporting your tournament lists?

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