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    We'll we've been ignoring the website for quite some time! Time for that to change, and it needs to ... we're getting into the laser cut MDF model kit gig! If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of the previews we've been uploading of our ...

    The costs used to determine the total cost for casting figures is fairly straight forward, however figuring out what the total cost is a little harder ... confused? Let's make it clearer!

    We have one charge for casting figures in white ...
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    We often get asked questions and receive requests for quotes from other people interested in having their figures molded and cast. Not being a dedicated casting house we always approach each request with caution and try to ask as many questions as we ...
    From left: Furnace, Spin Caster, Vulcanizer

    Spin Casting is the term broadly used to define the process of using centrifugal force to spin a mold into which molten metal (or other casting medium) is poured. When the casting medium used has had enough time to cure the spinning is stopped and the ...

    Contract casting is the process of molding an artists sculpts that are then cast in our equipment on behalf of a client. Sometimes the artist may already have their own molds in which case the casting is all that is required.

    Many sculptors and small miniature businesses do not have their own molding and casting equipment and therefore look to casting companies to provide the service of molding and casting their figures. Some of the equipment for casting miniatures in metal can be expensive, it therefore makes sense for small operators to outsource the casting of their miniatures to a business that provides contract casting services.

    There are many different methods, materials and processes involved in molding and casting. The first thing to decide is what medium you want your sculpts cast in, typically you'd choose either resin or metal. The choice depends on the actual sculpts and the budget. Casting in resin is typically more labour intensive but is preferred for larger figures to do the material costs when comparing resin and metal. However, for smaller figures it is often more economical for typical 28mm figures to be cast in metal. Another thing to keep in mind is the 'quality' component, resin produces 'sharper' details whilst metal tends to 'soften' sharp details. It is entirely possible to produce wonderfully detailed, high quality figures in metal however, some people simple prefer to produce their figures in resin.

    It is important to note now that we DO NOT provide a production resin casting service. We only provide a metal casting service using spin casting techniques. Where we talk about resin casting in the articles that follow, we are only offering those services as a component of producing high temperature silicone spin casting molds.

    We have tried to provide as much detailed information about our casting services and capabilities on our website. However, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your project rather than relying on our website to help you make your decision.

    Please note the details, prices and examples used in this section are under review and subject to change

    As mentioned elsewhere, every job is different and as such the following is intended as a guide only and is published here simply for the purposes of estimating your casting and molding budget. If you require a more precise quote than we encourage you ...

    To ensure the highest level of standard and service we follow a process of steps so that both parties (us and the client) fully understand the scope of the project to help eliminate any confusion or possible delays.

    Typically we follow the ...

    We love a good story! Especially when that story is full of wonderful descriptive writing that brings the words to life.

    In the Stories section you'll find a growing collection of short stories writing by various authors. Many stories are set within the confines of a particular game systems history, fluff or lore whilst others are simply works of fiction set in a specific genre.

    If you'd like to have one of your short stories published in the pages of The Squire then we'd love to hear from you! Send an email to getinvolved@knightsofdice.com and we'll see what we can do.

    Please note, we do not publish everything that is sent to us but if we do then we'll reward you with some cash to spend in the Online Store.

    At Knights of Dice we enjoy a wide range of miniaure games but certainly have a preference for small, skirmish style games. They are fun, entertaining and quick to play!

    New Battle Reports are uploaded weekly and cover a wide range of games including:

    • Dead Man's Hand
    • In Her Majesty's Name
    • SAGA
    • Ronin

    However we do also cover some of the more main stream games such as:

    • Warhammer Fantasy
    • Warhammer 40k
    • Warmachine

    When you decide to purchase a subscription to The Squire you'll have unlimited access to ALL Battle Reports for ALL the games we play and produce reports for.

    If you'd like to be involved in filming a Battle Report or would like us to cover a game that isn't currently covered we'd love to here from you! Send an email to getinvolved@knightsofdice.com and we'll try an accommodate your requests.

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