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Team Yankee BAOR foam trays

We’ve been working with Tom Chenu from the local Team Yankee community here in Melbourne to release new shapes for Team Yankee. There are a range of new British shapes now available…

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Golden Key – Easy District

This is an AMAZING model, Scott has done a stella job on this kit! It’s so dynamic, packed full of detail and whilst there is only 1 additional floor for this model adding it makes a huge amount of difference.

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My “2016 Mission”

This is not a New Year’s resolution! This is my MISSION this year, resolutions get broken easily but missions need to be achieved. Every mission has a clear focus, objectives and goals; just like go to the shops,…

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Custom Brown Stone Ruins Set

This set was a small commission based of a previously created overgrown ruined set we created. The client wanted a ‘brown stone’ look rather than the typical grey.

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Basic Modular Hill Set

Modular Hill Set – 10 pieces that can be set up in various configurations. I decided to keep each hill separate to allow for a wide variety of setups from many smaller hills to one large pilled up mountain.

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Ruined Tower Ruins

Hirstarts blocks are great fun to play with, we have many of the molds available in the studio and periodically cast up molds to add extra blocks to the various containers.

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Creating wattle fencing

This was a great tutorial published by the good people at Wargaming For Fun and is certainly worth a watch if you want to add some great looking wattle fencing to your miniature games.

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Large LOS Blocking Mountains

Many months ago Deansy gave me a bunch of massive polystyrene blocks they had at his work and were trying to get rid of. They’ve been sitting around for ages collecting dust – it was time to do something with them!!

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