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Renn-TV Broadcast Hub

*NEW RELEASE FOR NEO SENTRY: EASY DISTRICT, RENN-TV BROADCAST HUB* We are gearing up for the new exciting Cyberpunk game from Osprey “Reality’s Edge” written

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Team Yankee BAOR foam trays

We’ve been working with Tom Chenu from the local Team Yankee community here in Melbourne to release new shapes for Team Yankee. There are a range of new British shapes now available…

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Golden Key – Easy District

This is an AMAZING model, Scott has done a stella job on this kit! It’s so dynamic, packed full of detail and whilst there is only 1 additional floor for this model adding it makes a huge amount of difference.

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My “2016 Mission”

This is not a New Year’s resolution! This is my MISSION this year, resolutions get broken easily but missions need to be achieved. Every mission has a clear focus, objectives and goals; just like go to the shops,…

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