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Building Little Chairs [Video]

This was a fun project … making little chairs like these ones for your scenery can really help add something extra.

Tools & Materials required:

  • Thin card (I preferred to use some 180GSM paper)
  • Scissors (to cut that thin card)
  • Wire Mesh (I’d recommend that larger size mesh then the type I used in the video, the mesh with squares that are approx. 1 cm square)
  • Pliers or clippers to work the wire mesh
  • Super Glue

The process is pretty easy, if you watch the video you’ll get the idea quickly!

As already mentioned, this a quick fun project to help add some extra detail to your scenery. It’s always the little things that make the difference, and I don’t just mean these chairs – how about printing some miniature art to stick on the walls (inside a miniature frame of course!) of your buildings, whether they be ruined or not!

Have fun and enjoy your scenery making!

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