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Making a ‘lay flat’ River for tabletop wargaming

I’ve never been a big fan of terrain that sits ‘on top’ of the table, when it is suppose to be ‘in’ or ‘under’ the level of the gaming table. Obviously that is difficult to model when you have a solid surface to game on, so I think this method for making some simple rivers […]

Making a Rocky Forest Table for wargaming

This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time. I started making some pieces over a year ago and finally managed to getting around to finishing if off!  I think it’s going to be a great table to play some Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game on … or any game […]

Texturing and Painting Large Compound 1

I really had a great time designing the large compounds for the Tabula Rasa: Desert buildings range, they are very playable pieces of terrain and HUGE!  I maxed out the dimensions according to the standard size sheets we use for large models, so this kit has a footprint that is almost A3 in size, 425x290mm […]

Creating wattle fencing

This was a great tutorial published by the good people at Wargaming For Fun and is certainly worth a watch if you want to add some great looking wattle fencing to your miniature games.

Casting bases in Resin

Casting is one of those things that becomes massively ‘addictive’. I’m not sure that is the right word, but once you’ve successfully managed to mold something the feeling you get after pouring and revealing your first cast is such a buzz!

Resin Casting – what do I have, need and use

I’ve uploading tonnes of videos to YouTube and over the years have received HUGE numbers of mail from people offering thanks, asking questions or looking for advice.

Building Little Chairs [Video]

This was a fun project … making little chairs like these ones for your scenery can really help add something extra. The process is pretty easy, if you watch the video you’ll get the idea quickly!

Making Flock for wargaming scenery & terrain

Flock is one of the main things we use to detail the bases of our miniatures and terrain. There are different types of flocks, but are typically Static Grass (those short hairy fibers seen all over GW terrain)…

Making easy I-Beams for miniature scenery & terrain

Adding those extra details to your scenery projects such as interiors, damage and structural components like beams etc can really improve the look and feel of your projects.


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