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Making a ‘lay flat’ River for tabletop wargaming

I’ve never been a big fan of terrain that sits ‘on top’ of the table, when it is suppose to be ‘in’ or ‘under’ the level of the gaming table. Obviously that is difficult to model when you have a solid surface to game on, so I think this method for making some simple rivers […]

Making a Rocky Forest Table for wargaming

This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time. I started making some pieces over a year ago and finally managed to getting around to finishing if off!  I think it’s going to be a great table to play some Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game on … or any game […]

MESBG Collectors guide – a PDF to Hardcover Book!

In this video I share my project of turning the Lord of the Rings Collector Guide from PDF into an awesome hard cover book which I can add to my bookshelf. Stitching and binding your own books is a wonderful project. Not only is it relatively easy but it allows you to add ‘proper’ books […]

Painting: The Dead of Dunharrow

I’ve been a BIG fan of Lord of the Rings since the original trilogy was released.  Unfortunately I have still not read any of the books (I am about 3/4 of the way through The Hobbit though, and have listened to the Silmarillion recently!) but that hasn’t dampened my enjoyment of the story, I think […]

Stargate Miniatures – painting log

I’m a massive fan of Stargate: SG1 and have been for many years.  It is one of my go-to shows to play in the background whilst I paint miniatures, I’ve probably watched (or played) every episode maybe 30+ times.  It’s available on Stan here in Australia so is streamed regularly!  I am trying to find […]

Live streams – a chance to have a chat

I’m really feeling ‘invigorated’ about spending some time producing content, whether it be writing articles or filming videos.  Part of that was something I was talking with Scott about last week with regards to setting up a camera at the workbench and popping on live feeds whilst we build things.  So today I decided to […]

Normandy Hedgerows

I’ve made lots of different styles of  ‘Normandy’ style hedgerows over the years but I really like this one.  It’s quick, easy and looks good.  Just making a few strips really helps add to the realism of your table and looks amazing next to our Letters Home: Normandy range I start by grabbing some of […]

US Force Recon (Eureka Miniatures)

I’ve been a big fan of modern games for a long time, it was part of the reason I made the Tabula Rasa range many years ago, if I recall correctly the Desert Buildings range was the first in the TR series. I wanted some simple buildings I could customise and use for various ‘modern’ […]

My “2016 Mission”

This is not a New Year’s resolution! This is my MISSION this year, resolutions get broken easily but missions need to be achieved. Every mission has a clear focus, objectives and goals; just like go to the shops,…

Custom Brown Stone Ruins Set

This set was a small commission based of a previously created overgrown ruined set we created. The client wanted a ‘brown stone’ look rather than the typical grey.

Basic Modular Hill Set

Modular Hill Set – 10 pieces that can be set up in various configurations. I decided to keep each hill separate to allow for a wide variety of setups from many smaller hills to one large pilled up mountain.

Ruined Tower Ruins

Hirstarts blocks are great fun to play with, we have many of the molds available in the studio and periodically cast up molds to add extra blocks to the various containers.


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