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MESBG Collectors guide – a PDF to Hardcover Book!

In this video I share my project of turning the Lord of the Rings Collector Guide from PDF into an awesome hard cover book which I can add to my bookshelf. Stitching and binding your own books is a wonderful project. Not only is it relatively easy but it allows you to add ‘proper’ books […]

Painting the Ruins of Elaria

This was a fun project to work on! There are so many things I want to add and improve but for the moment it’s certainly usable in a range of tabletop wargames, like Mordheim, Frostgrave, Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game etc. I highly recommend spending some time when you are working with MDF models to […]

5 years old … it’s been a blast!

I really didn’t know what to expect when I decided to start producing MDF terrain kits on a commercial scale.  I originally registered the name Knights of Dice back in November 2011, with the intention of opening another retail store but that fell through unfortunately when the lease was cancelled by the vendor, I guess […]

Terminus Australis – an unexpected journey into 40k

It’s interesting how things change/develop/progress over time, I never thought I’d be sitting here writing about how Warhammer 40k has changed a lot of things for me recently.  I haven’t played (or painted!) any 40k miniatures for a long time (2013 actually, I went through my videos and noticed I started painting some Imperial Fists […]

Perfectionism vs Procrastination – how it affects our articles!

LTDR: I’ll be adding articles about ALL my hobby work on the website and working on them/updated them as I continue working on them. I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Mine has been good, not a lot of hobby work but enjoyable all the same … my wife beat my daughter and I […]

COVID-19 Update – pickup and studio visits suspended.

COVID-19 Update – pickup and studio visits suspended. (March 17th 2020: 1:13pm) I have been following the COVID-19 situation here in Australia closely. As a small business owner I first and foremost, have a duty of care to my staff and customers. Everything we are being told is to remain calm (ease up on the […]

Open Hours are changing

We’ve had an amazing 5 years here at Knights of Dice and as one of Australia’s few full-time laser cutting operations specialising in MDF terrain and accessories it’s been great to have our doors open to the public, 5 days a week. Unfortunately as things have progressed over the years for our company as a […]

Mirrors of Tullarn – where did it come from?

I played a lot of Mordheim when I was in my teenage years … alot of Mordheim and a lot of Necromunda, I always loved skirmish games.  Whilst my first tabletop game was Warhammer Fantasy; seeing those big blocks of units wheel and move around the table, the spectacle of a fully painted ‘rank and […]

PAX Melbourne 2019 … what a show!

So another PAX has come and gone … and as usual we we’re way to busy to update the website or share all the amazing things to be seen there! If you’ve ever been to PAX Melbourne you’ll know there are two main sections in the convention space – Console/PC Gaming & Tabletop … and […]

KS Update 4: It’s been a hectic few weeks

What a crazy couple of weeks here at Knights of Dice … and very little of that time spent concentrating on this campaign! In hindsight it was a terrible time to run our campaign … right before we went into back to back wargaming shows; MOAB and PAX. MOAB specifically  chewed up a lot of […]

Tarusa – A closer look

We continue our series of articles on having a closer look at the ‘inked’ versions of the miniatures, allowing you to see the detail on these characterful figures without paint ‘confusing’ the situation. In this article we explore the Tarusa Chieftain pledge on Kickstarter The Tarusa are a hardy people, living in the harsh mountain […]

Anram – a closer look

We’ve been having a great time here at MOAB 2019 in Sydney, New South Wales, you can check out my article about Day 1 for some of the highlights. We had all the figures on display on 3 of the display boards that Scott built for our photographs … they looked amazing and captured loads […]


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