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Mirrors of Tullarn – where did it come from?

I played a lot of Mordheim when I was in my teenage years … alot of Mordheim and a lot of Necromunda, I always loved skirmish games.  Whilst my first tabletop game was Warhammer Fantasy; seeing those big blocks of units wheel and move around the table, the spectacle of a fully painted ‘rank and […]

KS Update 4: It’s been a hectic few weeks

What a crazy couple of weeks here at Knights of Dice … and very little of that time spent concentrating on this campaign! In hindsight it was a terrible time to run our campaign … right before we went into back to back wargaming shows; MOAB and PAX. MOAB specifically  chewed up a lot of […]

Tarusa – A closer look

We continue our series of articles on having a closer look at the ‘inked’ versions of the miniatures, allowing you to see the detail on these characterful figures without paint ‘confusing’ the situation. In this article we explore the Tarusa Chieftain pledge on Kickstarter The Tarusa are a hardy people, living in the harsh mountain […]

Anram – a closer look

We’ve been having a great time here at MOAB 2019 in Sydney, New South Wales, you can check out my article about Day 1 for some of the highlights. We had all the figures on display on 3 of the display boards that Scott built for our photographs … they looked amazing and captured loads […]

MoT – LIVE on Kickstarter!

Knights of Dice is proud to launch our first kickstarter for a range of new miniatures.  This has been something we have wanted to do from the beginning, some of you might remember Viv was molding and casting things before we dove into MDF kits head first. Even if you can’t back our project, or […]

Introducing: Saresh

Time for a preview of the fourth and final faction for our ‘Mirrors of Tullarn’ Kickstarter, the Saresh! The Saresh are a hardy nation of farmers, labourers, craftspeople and smiths. The most numerous population of Tullarn, the Saresh have a deep connection with the land, and are a humble and spiritual people, revering tradition and […]

Introducing: Anram

Another day another Mirrors of Tullarn Preview! Today we are taking a look at the third faction coming to our Kickstarter campaign, the Anram! The Anram are wielders of time magic, their potent temporal manipulations allowed them to shape and steer the course of peace throughout Tullarn for eons. Two centuries ago, all trace of […]

Introducing: Tarusa

Time for another preview of one of the other factions in our upcoming Mirrors of Tullarn miniatures range, coming soon to Kickstarter! The Tarusa make their homes in the vast mountain ridges and crags of Tullarn, their cities are marvels of carved rock hewn directly from the living stone of the mountain face. They are […]

Introducing: Lahari

Mirrors of Tullarn is a new range of 28mm fantasy-esque miniatures coming to Kickstarter soon. We have 4 unique factions that would suit loads of various games on the market at the moment. The Lahari are a sea-faring and costal dwelling nation. They are excellent traders and as such enjoy a lavish lifestyle full of […]


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