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COVID-19 Update – pickup and studio visits suspended.

COVID-19 Update – pickup and studio visits suspended.
(March 17th 2020: 1:13pm)

I have been following the COVID-19 situation here in Australia closely. As a small business owner I first and foremost, have a duty of care to my staff and customers. Everything we are being told is to remain calm (ease up on the stock piling of food and toilet paper people!) but be cautious, vigilant, practice social distancing and take effective hygiene measures.

Knights of Dice is a small business with only 3 employees, but we are taking measures to ensure the safety (as best we can) of both our team and our customers.

Effective immediately, we are suspending all visitors to the studio. Consequently we have disabled the Pickup option on the website, therefore the only option will be having your order posted out.

We are also rostering our staff in shifts to minimise contact between staff, and implementing a cleaning process that will occur at the beginning and end of every shift change to ensure that all common surfaces and equipment is disinfected. A strict regime of hand washing and sanitisation before packing orders is also being implemented to ensure that items being posted out are as safe as possible.

Knights of Dice cannot continue to operate without your continued support, and whilst these are difficult and uncertain times we are confident our strict measures will help ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

Thank you for all your support!
Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

Vivek Chandra
CEO – Selway & Weewanda Pty Ltd
Manager – Knights of Dice

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