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CreateIt – custom foam trays now much cheaper

CreateIt is a powerful program that has been developed by us specifically for people looking for custom made foam storage. Using advanced features not seen in any other supplies systems, you have complete control in designing your trays. Use standard shapes from the library of specific shapes, create your own shapes using primitive shapes and merging them together to form unique intricate patterns, or use the powerful image tracer for that perfect fit every time!

We all have those models that standard ‘off the shelf’ foam storage trays just don’t suit. We’ve all bought pluck foam that after time falls apart and becomes useless and ugly. There is a better way, our CreateIt software allows you to create your own personal custom made tray for storing anything you want.

Before we get into some details about CreateIt, the main point of this post was to mention that designing your own custom trays using our software is now MUCH cheaper. Our acquisition of Laser Touch (and the CreateIt software) has allowed us to capitalise on our much greater production capacity, storage facilities and distribution channels to reduce the cost of designing your own custom trays, significantly!

Improvements in the processing of digital files from CreateIt in preparation for laser cutting and increases in laser cutting efficiency and time have resulted in the ability to reduce our costs. We could of course pocket the extra coin we’d have made from these advances, or we can pass them onto you our loyal customers … we decided to pass them on!

What is CreateIt?

If you’ve never used CreateIt to design your own foam trays, you’re in for a treat!

Other companies offer various services for producing custom cut foam trays, but none of them have a system as powerful as CreateIt!

The first thing you’ll see when you login in is your Dashboard. This gives you access to everything you’ve done in CreateIt and is your central hub. It shows you all the orders you have placed, the previous trays you have designed, allows you store and access custom shapes you may have created and saved for later use and more!

You can create any size foam tray you want in CreateIt, to suit any size bag, box and container. Obviously you can select from a range of standard default dimensions or you can simply type in any dimensions you want and CreateIt will give you a ‘canvas’ that exact size for you to start working on.

You can start making your custom tray by using primitive (basic) shapes likes circles, squares etc and dropping them onto the canvas in the position you want. Our growing library of custom shapes is also an easy way to quickly create a tray that matches exactly what you want and need … like this tray for storing X-Wing figures.

If you’re after something much more unique and custom the Image Tracer is perfect for creating custom shapes that are form fitted to exactly what you want to store. Simple import the photograph of your image and then use the software to start ‘tracing’ around your miniature. Don’t worry about size or scale, once you are done the software will ask you for two measurements so it can scale your tracing to the exact size it needs to be! It couldn’t be any easier to make your own personal, form fitted shape.

You can save any shape you create to your own personal library also, so next time you log in you have access to all your own shapes to quickly create new trays in the future!

Learn more

Visit the CreateIt website over at Laser Touch for a whole range of information and details about CreateIt, including an excellent range of tutorial videos on how the system and its features work.

Register for free and start making your own custom trays, there has never been a better way to make your own custom foam storage trays!

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