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Flying vehicles come to Neo Sentry

Everyone here in the studio has loved working on the Neo Sentry range of kits. Scott (our lead designer) has a wonderful creative talent and has produced some amazing kits that we are proud to have sold all over the world.

After having produced the Street Sweeper model for the Sentry City range and enjoying the process, he was keen to try his hand at some vehicles for the Neo Sentry range.

At the moment Neo Sentry has a very Asian inspired theme (which we will be diversifying as the range develops) so when we were discussing the idea of vehicles for the range it seemed only fitting that we include a sci-fi Tuk Tuk. Not only should it be some kind of ‘sci-fi’ Tuk Tuk … is has to be capable of flight.

The HVT-20 Tuk Tuk was born! The Tuk Tuk is capable of Horizontal and Vertical Take-off (HVT) and has a cruising height of 20 feet … hence the name.

Looking at the existing range of China Town kits, one of the most popular kits has been the Little Ramen cart so again, it seemed only fitting that we ensure the Little Ramen company lives on in the future!

We’re very proud of the Little Ramen, it was our first kit that featured a fully detailed and complex interior … being the kitchen of course. So the same attention was paid to what would become the VFD-80.

Capable of a comfortable cruising altitude of 80 feet, this Vertical Food Delivery truck can rock up at the balcony, window or roof of your building and serve you some amazingly tasty dishes!

Do you think the Little Ramen VFD-80 would be a fun addition to your collection of sci-fi terrain and accessories?

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