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Golden Key – Easy District

This is an AMAZING model, Scott has done a stella job on this kit! It’s so dynamic, packed full of detail and whilst there is only 1 additional floor for this model adding it makes a huge amount of difference.

We break away even further from the old style rectangular building such as the early Sentry City models with an unusual shape and sloping roof. There is so much going on in this model that you can really see how this building might have been something completely different in it’s original life.

Even the covered, sloping lean-too with it’s walk up cafe style window looks like something that might have been added at some point in its life as the buildings purpose changed. This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve when talking about this model. We wanted something that looked like a futuristic road side diner cross with something technical. We think the antenna arrays and other bits and bobs on the building; especially the contraption at that back really help add to that impression.

We’ve tried to make this building not just visually interesting but playable, I know keep mentioning that word when talking about Easy District but it’s important that the buildings are not only just a visual feast but practical as well.

The rear stair case leading to the roof provides further access to the very top of the building, allowing sniper models to perch up next to the antenna arrays, or for an objective to be placed there resulting in hackers having to ascend to the top.

Behind the Golden Key is that contraption we mentioned early and along with all the other bits and bobs on this building really help add to that “modified for the future” kind of style; the evolution of the building if you will.

There are multiple access points on the ground floor, on either side of the building providing entry into the room below; what we envisage to be some kind of kitchen. Given the walk up, cafe style window we assume the Golden Key is some kind of noodle bar or such.

The signs that you can see above one of the doors; the large key and the smaller sign can be placed anywhere on the building. As per our other kits in this range, most of the accessories that you can see on the buildings do not actually ‘plug’ into the wall, they connect to a back plate that can be placed where ever you would like them to be. Having said that, not everything is movable but you can get some variation in the buildings by moving the ones you can.

As we continue to use our website more often to show case our products, we’ll start including some images that help represent the scale of our buildings as they do vary from range to range.

Neo Sentry has been designed for Infinity figures and as such is slightly smaller in overall scale than our Sentry City kits. In these images we have used a variety of miniatures for scale: Infinity, MERCS, Space Marine and a USMC from Eureka Miniatures.

By including these images; along with videos that might accompany each kit, we hope you get a better idea of scale.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how this building gets painted by different people. The corrugated card we’ve included in the kit; in this case is yellow but the colour can vary, already adds a striking appearance to the model, we can see people using all kinds of colours to add interest rather than just assuming it to be tin, or metal.

The signs above the service canopy have been intentionally left blank so you can use those for what ever you would like, perhaps images you have found online; or made yourself, and printed out to fit. As you can see they also provide some handy cover to models who have made the effort to clamber up there!

The roof on the canopy does come off; which you can see in previous pictures, but there is enough room (hopefully) for models to sit under the cover with the roof still on, the sloping angle helps to some degree.

We hope you like the Golden Key, it is certainly one of the more visually interesting kits in the Easy District range and should work well for some dynamic and enjoyable game play!

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