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Introducing: Anram

Another day another Mirrors of Tullarn Preview! Today we are taking a look at the third faction coming to our Kickstarter campaign, the Anram!

The Anram are wielders of time magic, their potent temporal manipulations allowed them to shape and steer the course of peace throughout Tullarn for eons. Two centuries ago, all trace of the Anram Nation suddenly vanished, and the absence of their peace brokerage between the other nations of Tullarn eventually lead to the full blown civil war that continues to rage.

The Anram have mysteriously returned, appearing as if no time has passed at all for them. They observe the conflicts of Tullarn, planning their intervention from their towering citadels atop the peaks of the highest mountains. Powerful Time magic creates a permanent spring within their perfectly manicured gardens and terraces while the bitter blizzards rage just outside their walls.

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