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Italian WW2 Table Project

I’ve had so many people over the years use the Tabula Rasa: Desert Building kits on their Italian tables.  With a little modifications to the roofs and adding some terracotta tiles, I’ve seen some great looking boards!

This article is a collection of ideas, concepts, images and ideas about how I want to build some Italian tables. All images are used without permission, If you see an image that I have used that does not have, or has the wrong attribution please let me know and I will make sure to add credits and attributions where required.  Likewise if you see an image you own and do not wish me to use it regardless of credit or attribution, please get in touch!

This collection of images was uploaded by Albert Romero on the 20th March 2022 to the KoD Community Group on Facebook. It’s an absolutely smashing table and features many Knights of Dice kits along with lots of other elements I would love to include my own tables, such as the fields and the roads.

Like many others, Albert has modified the roofs of several of the Tabula Rasa: Desert Buildings to feature slopped and peaked roofs instead of the original flat roofs of the original models.  Together with some roofing tiles to add detail and texture, these modifications really help sell that Italian peninsular feel.

Credit: Albert Romero - Desert Residence 1 converted with peaked and sloped roofs

One of the product ideas that has been sitting on the “To Do” lists for AGES is this exact modification. Albert has modified this Desert Residence 1 model to feature the roofs he needed. I’ve been asked so many times, including by Albert, to make variants of these MDF kits available on the website.  When I get around to working on my own Italian table I’m sure I will make that happen. 

Not only has Albert modified some of the roofs he has also removed some of the bases of the original models to remove the small courtyards and even reverse the assembly of some, specifically the Desert Villa 3 kit … I didn’t even know that was possible!

Credit: Albert Romero - a Desert Villa 3 kit, assembled as a mirror image

I really love the roof tiles he has put on this model, it kind of looks like embossed plastic sheeting available from the likes of Evergreen Plastics.  I have been wanting to play around with some paper straws, making a jib so I can cut them perfectly in half in the lasers, this would be make it MUCH easier to replicate a good spanish tile … is that what they are called? Spanish Tiles?

Another incredibly talented hobbyist is the legendary Mr Acktar Giraffe whom shared these images to the KoD Community Group on Facebook on the 3rd August 2019. I found these images by doing a search on the group using the term ‘italian’ but you will find LOADS of other wonderful images of gorgeous terrain on the Democratically Elected Republic of Players Facebook page.

The vast majority of Acktar’s terrain collection is scratch built, he’s one of those crazy hobbyists that’s amazing when it comes to cobbling things together.  There is certainly loads of inspiration in these images for new terrain kits, the shapes and composition of his models are wonderful!

Outside of being wonderfully inspirational, Acktar shared these images to the KoD  Community Group simply because he used our Windows Frames A to give his window cutouts some detail.

Credit: Democratically Elected Republic of Players - Scratch built foamcore model with MDF window detailing

There are so many wonderful features in this Italian farm house setup, from the roof tiles to the rubble there is a lot of visual interest.  I’m fairly certain he has used some corrugated card sheets, you can buy those from craft stores like Riot or Deans Art.  These sheets come with one exposed side of very small and scale appropriate corrugations, however If it’s not available in your area you can achieve a similar look by simply removing one layer on some generic corrugated cardboard to expose the corrugations inside.

Much like Albert had requested the peaked roofs for his conversions (which I didn’t do), Acktar had requested that I make laser cut strips of the corner detailing to make his scratch builds easier, I didn’t do that either.  Sorry guys!

I’m very keen to also make some standalone lean-toos like Acktar has on these buildings … these little porches or verandas.  They are such a wonderful little feature that completely change the profile and silhouette of a building and if they were a stand-alone kit they could be used for further modifications to existing buildings.

Credit: Democratically Elected Republic of Players

If you want loads of wonderful inspiration, do yourself a favour and jump onto the Democratically Elected Republic of Players Facebook page … absolutely gorgeous collections of World War 2 terrain!  Those Tasmanians are lucky to have such a talented man providing high quality terrain and organising the BEST looking Bolt Action events in Australia.

I’m very keen to build my own Italian table (as well as add some new MDF kits to the ranges also!) and with talented people like Albert and Acktar around to provide some amazing inspiration,  I know it’s going to be a cracking project!

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