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Just a little bit each week

I’m so, so pleased that I acted on the motivation to fire up the Design Night stream last Friday, it was really nice to jump back into Sketchup (yes, I know, it’s old and there are so many other good options) and play around.  If you didn’t catch the stream, you can check it out on the YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe as I’ll be firing up Design Night fortnightly on Fridays.

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to work on during the stream, there are so many outstanding and incomplete projects that I could have picked from, but the most likely was finishing of the Gatehouse model to incorporate into the City of Elaria range.

The City of Elaria was ruined after the Great Shattering

That was the plan, was the plan, until my good friend Ara Harwood from Mana Press sent me a message basically saying “Let’s catch up next week for a game, maybe Mordheim?” and SNAP, that was it!  I’d start a new range to suit the game.  I don’t have any ruined Tudor buildings and I’m pretty sure it’s a law somewhere that you can’t play Mordheim without at least one ruined Tudor building. 

So with that settled I fired up the old YouTube Studio and jumped on my live stream.  It was so good, it was great to have Charlotte with me for the first little bit and the interaction with the chat was awesome, I even fired up the Discord (join Discord today!) and people posted stuff!  What?!  It was amazing.

Now accepting naming suggestions for the range

There is still a LONG way to go on this range before it is anywhere near being ready for a release but I am looking forward to cutting some prototypes and getting some paint on them! 

I might even be able to get that done before Wednesday when Ara rocks up for a game!

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