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KoD on the Cast Dice Podcast

There are so many awesome podcasts out there related to our hobby, they add an extra element to many hours we all sink into building terrain, painting miniatures and playing games. I think we all have our favourites; either determined by interest, location, or simple because of the hosts, but I find those that cover a wide variety of subjects to be the most interesting.

I must admit I’m not the biggest listener to podcasts but I have spent many a night with one on in the background whilst I paint, or assemble models.

We’ve had many requests from various podcasts to appear on their show but last night was the first time we actually made it ‘to air’ so to speak.  We’d love to do more and after last nights very casual appearance I wouldn’t be to daunted to do more, like I was yesterday.

Brad Morin from the Cast Dice podcast (amongst many others he hosts!) was kind enough to put up with Scott and I rambling our way through his questions whilst we talked about Knights of Dice, our latest releases for Sandport Hyrdra, his love of the very simple Tabula Rasa range and general gaming banter.

I know I had a great time, I’m pretty sure Scott did too and I hope we can do more again soon.  Check out Cast Dice on Facebook, and check out Brad’s Soundcloud where he hosts not only Cast Dice but several other podcasts, including the official Warlord Games podcast!

Let us know what you liked about the show, what we could do better next time and as always, thanks for your awesome support!




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