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MESBG Collectors guide – a PDF to Hardcover Book!

In this video I share my project of turning the Lord of the Rings Collector Guide from PDF into an awesome hard cover book which I can add to my bookshelf. 

Stitching and binding your own books is a wonderful project. Not only is it relatively easy but it allows you to add ‘proper’ books to your collection instead of spiral-bound PDF’s. 

You can find the PDF version of the collectors guide (version 8.1 at the time this video was made) over on the One Ring Forum, here – 

I learnt a lot from Jennifer over at Sea Lemon, a wonderful channel well worth subscribing to if you have any interest in making books or journals – 

These two videos specifically have been what I have used to learn to make my own case bound books …

 Making a kettle stitched text block – 

Adding hardcovers to text blocks – 

You can download Book Binder 3.0 here – It’s a small JAVA program that allows you to ‘reconfigure’ a PDF into the proper page sequence for printing out ‘signatures’.

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