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New Sandport Hydra releases


After a bit of an unfortunate delay, we have finally got the Eight new releases for Sandport Hydra and Easy District across the line!

A bunch of new small Sandport Hydra kits to add some character and scatter detail to your table setups, as well as a new Command Bunker to go with our existing Cyclops security buildings!

We have also added the neon sign packs for Neo Sentry: Easy District which we had assumed we added during our last round of new products but must have slipped through the cracks! These sign packs add fantastic looking cyberpunk detail to any existing kits you might already have and really pop on the table!

List of new Releases (all prices in AUD):

Atmospheric Condensers (x2) $18 –

Cargo Platform $26 –

Medusa Defense Turret $18 –

Hover Cargo Hauler $18 –

Sandport Command Bunker $40 –

Sign Pack 1 $18 –

Sign Pack 2 $10 –

Sign Pack 3 $16 –

(P.S: keep an eye out for a TON of new Tabula Rasa kits coming very soon!)




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