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On the road to MOAB 2019

The tabletop gaming convention, MOAB (Mother of all Battles) was the very first show we attended … we’re now on our way to our 5 consecutive year!

MOAB is held in Sydney (New South Wales) at the Sylvannia Heights Community & Youth Club, hosted by Sutherland Shire Gamers. They put on an excellent show and are also responsible for organising the Bring-&-Buy section at Cancon, arguably Australia’s largest tabletop and wargaming specific convention.

The web banner add from our first ever MOAB back in 2015

When Scott and I first started this laser cutting gig, I managed to get hold of the main organiser; Kym Pennel about 2 weeks before the show and miraculously he managed to find us a tiny bit of space.

We had the first 12 models from the Sentry City: Old Town range packed up in the back of my car and 2 small collapsible shelving units. It was a great experience and little did I know that we’d keep coming back each year lugging more products and needing bigger and bigger spaces!

Scott Reid (left) & Viv Chandra (right) at our first trade show, MOAB 2015

It’s a long drive, approx. 850 km (~530 miles) and these days in a heavily loaded van it takes around 10-11 hours … but it’s a lovely drive! Australia is a massive country and sparsely populated, which means you pass through some wonderful farming and rural landscapes on the way.

Each year we stop in Holbrook (a small town in New South Wales, that was renamed during WW1 from Germanton to Holbrook, in honour of the captain of the submarine HMAS Otway and due to anti-German sentiment during the war), its a lovely little town with a wonderful bakery and rather oddly is home to a full size submarine, commanded by the aforementioned Captain Holbrook!

HMAS Otway on dry land in Holbrook, there is lovely musuem there too!

MOAB is a mixed bag of all sorts of games and includes both tournament events as well as demonstration and participation games, traders and a second hand, bring-and-buy area. It’s held over the Rugby Grand Final long weekend in October each year and is generally a beautiful weekend weather wise!

This year we’ll have all our latest releases as well as a small amount of our back catalogue, but it will be the first time we’ll be showing of our new Mirrors of Tullarn miniatures that are currently live on Kickstarter!

The Lahari, a costal dwelling faction and part of the Mirrors of Tullarn range

We’re really happy with the figures, Anton Ducrot from Flytrap Factory has done a great job on the sculpting and we’re sure the Kickstarter will do well and help us fund the production molding and casting of this new range of 28mm metal fantasy miniatures.

Hopefully we’ll see you at MOAB 2019!

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