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Open Hours are changing

We’ve had an amazing 5 years here at Knights of Dice and as one of Australia’s few full-time laser cutting operations specialising in MDF terrain and accessories it’s been great to have our doors open to the public, 5 days a week.

Unfortunately as things have progressed over the years for our company as a whole (Knights of Dice is owned by Selway & Weewanda Pty Ltd) and after the loss of our Operations Manager last year (who tragically passed away way too early!) we have had to make some changes to the way we operate.

Currently Viv is working at a different office most days and Scott is now working only 3 days a week whilst picking up a second job.  This means that whilst we have tried our best over the last few months to make sure there is always someone at the studio it is proving difficult to do so.  Recently we’ve had customers pop in or come to collect their order and no-one has been at the studio which obviously has left some sore feelings and a bad impression of Knights of Dice.

I have therefore decided that the studio will now be closed to the public.  We will however, open on the first weekend of every month.  So if you are desperate to see the studio, or pop in for a chat or a tour you can still do so on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month.

If you need to pickup your order quickly or cannot come to the studio on the first weekend of each month, the Pickup from our Studio option on the website will change to Pickup by Appointment.  You will be able to contact us an arrange a time for you to pop in, this ensures someone will be here to meet you and you can still collect your order in a timely fashion.

As things are improved over the coming months we will review our open hours again, however for the forseable future the studio will now be closed to the public during the week (pickup by appointment will be available) and the studio will start to open on the first weekend of each month starting from March 2020.

Thank you for all the amazing support and encouragement!  I am confident with a little effort ‘balance will be restored to the force’ and things will return to normal at some stage this year.

You can check the Open Days here.

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