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Out with the old …

I was just going to ignore the fact that it’s now after 9:30pm and just skip today’s article, but NO!  Here I am, be committed Viv!  I’m not entirely sure what to write about today so this will probably just be one of those “stream of consciousness” type of posts, something to fill in the time so to speak. 

Before we kick things of and see where this goes I must recommend the awesome music of Alexander Nakarada!  You can check out his music on Sound Cloud or visit his website directly where you can download and use all his music and use it according to a range of licences.  

I came across his music a few years ago when I was looking for fantasy music to include in my YouTube videos and during live streams.  I found a few things here and there that I liked and eventually came cross Alexanders work, and the best part? He had a MASSIVE catelogue, and it was good!  So I immediately bought his Complete Discograpy, over 450 tracks.

I'm really loving the Complete Discography right now!

On a completely different topic but very much in tune with ‘getting things done’, my good friend Tristan came in to the studio today to help me remove the huge concrete pad in the old kitchen. I explained some of the details in episode number 4 of Studio Life, but I’m converting that room into the new laser room and that concrete pad had been holding me up for ages.

I have plenty of footage over the last few months of the work that has been happening in this room, including the various methods another friend I tried before resorting to Tristan and his demolition saw.  As I mentioned in episode 4, I don’t think I’ll do anything with that footage though, I’ll just make a more concerted effort to be more regular with both articles and videos.

The old shower base and concrete pad

This part of the renovations and rearrangement of the studio has been completely stalled due to this concrete pad.  I cannot continue with anything else as I first need to get the lasers into this room, if I can’t get that concrete pad out, I can’t move the lasers in.

Those with sharp eyes will see the edges are all shipped and broken. I tried to break this up with a jack hammer but it really wasn’t doing anything. This pad is so thick and the concrete so dense that it would have taken a MASSIVE amount of time to slowly chip away at the concrete.  With the amount of dust being thrown up, that really wasn’t an option. The small amount that I did caused a huge amount of find concrete dust to settle all over the warehouse!

It was time to escalate the situation and call in the big guns, enter Tristan and the demolition saw!

Qualified plumber, friend, Bolt Action player and phenominal painter ... Tristan is here to save the day!

I really must say a MASSIVE thank you to Tristan. He volunteered his time, machinery and skills to help me get these renos done and the studio reconfigured. I’ll certainly be sorting him out with any terrain needs he has for quite some time to come!

There is still more major work to do in this room before the lasers can come anywhere near it. Obviously there is the repairing of the floor and laying in some new concrete to level everything out, but I also need to cut a whole in the wall so I can run all my extraction pipes out through the way and outside.  Having the extracts located outside (there is a small room on the other side of the wall) will mean considerably less noise in this room making it much nicer for the operator.

I’m a little disappointed though. Since the recent Studio Life episode I’ve been a little more active with the videos and editing and it never occurred to me to get some footage of me with that best of a saw in my hands!  Perhaps I’ll have to get Tristan back again and find something to cut up!

Ready to be cleaned up and new concrete poured

This week I am to get this room cleaned up and ready for new concrete to be poured, I might also slap a coat of paint on the wall once things are cleaned up.  It’s not the best time to paint as other work still needs to be done but it will make it look like things are moving along and give me that boost of positivity and progress I need right now.

I’m looking forward to next week!

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