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Our Sponsors
These amazing companies are supporting Painting for Life, please go and support them!

A 24 Hour live stream ‘paint-a-thon’, our aim is to raise money to support the work of mental health organisations

Learn more about the Hosts and our friends who’ll be painting miniatures live on the stream

With so many guests, topics and segments be sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss anything

We’ve got a great (and growing!) line up of guests to talk all things tabletop gaming with

Donate $10 or more to be eligible to for any give-aways during the campaign

Click the banner to donate and help use reach our Fundraising Goal

Painting for Life started out as just an idea for a few friends to get together and stream a 12 hour challenge, it’s grown into something much bigger. Whilst the show is not about give-aways, we do have a few companies giving us some support … and of course we’d love to have more! Thank you to all the wonderful Sponsors for supporting our charity campaign!

Please support our Sponsors
These wonderful businesses and individuals are amazing. Show them your support, just as you have shown it for Painting for Life

Knights of Dice will be covering all expenses involved in sending out any prizes that are given away during the show … to anywhere!

They have also contributed 5x $100 vouchers that the lucky recipients can redeem on the website for their desired goodies!

One of our amazing hosts, Topher Streets has offered up any figures he paints during the stream as prizes to be given away.  

Topher is an amazing painter and these figures will be a wonderful piece to add to your display shelf!


We’ve received a bunch of products donated from an absolute gem of a person who wishes to remain anonymous. They have provided the following:

Salute 2016 show miniature – Mam’Selle (from West Wind)
Razer – from Spectre Miniatures
Trollkin Fennblade unit box – from Privateer Press
28mm Polynesian Villagers – from Eureka Miniatures
The Marauder – 54mm Viking from Model Display Products

Conquest Creations

Jacob from Conquest Creations has very generously offered a set of 3d printed Black Riders to the campaign! They are beautiful figures, you can see those on his website along with all the other awesome products they sell.

Jacob also runs an awesome YouTube channel with a strong focus on Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game

Hobby Station is an online retailer or a great range of hobby products including, paints, tools, accessories and of course, all the kits we love to build and paint.

The have very generously offered some vouchers for the give-away pool

3x $30 vouchers for use on their website

War and Peace Games is one of Australia main distributors for a range of historical miniatures, from brands such as Warlord Games, Gripping Beast, Crusader and the renowned Perry Miniatures to name just a few.

They support a wide range of tournaments and events and have sent us a box of goodies for the give-away pool.

Massive thank you to the fine chaps at the Hobby Homies podcast!

They have very kindly donated:

Broken Toad Miniature Series Mk3 Brush Set

The set contains 4 Kolinsky sable brushes (2,1,0 and 3/0)  

The fine people from Blackstar Gaming have joined the growing list of sponsors.

They have very kindly donated:

4x $50 vouchers for their online store


The wonderful guys at Bonza Games have very kindly jumped on board and donated:

1x Black Winter starter box

This includes all you need to play a 2-player game of their highly successful Delta One Zero game.

Back 2 Base-ix is another great Australian company producing gaming and hobby accessories.

They have kindly donated:

5x Large Straight Acrylic Paint racks

Battlefield Accessories is another Melbourne based manufacturer of laser cut and pre-printed terrain and accessories.

They have contributed:

3x $50 vouchers for their webstore

If you would like to sponsor Painting for Life and help us make this event as awesome as it can be, please get in touch with us.

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