20ft Refrigerated Container (x2)


Boreas Refrigerated Transport calls Sentry City home, and transports goods requiring cold conditions all across the world.

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This container is an impressive looking kit, we haven’t seen many realistic refrigerated containers around which makes this model even more impressive on the table. The back of the kit includes realistic looking details, along with roof vents/fans for an even more convincing look.

This kit comes in a pack of 2.

This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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1 review for 20ft Refrigerated Container (x2)

  1. Howard Collins

    The detail on this model is astounding. As with the standard shipping container, the level of fidelity of the cuts on the door parts is fantastic. The refrigeration unit, set into a cavity on the sealed end is packed with subtle, perhaps unnecessary, yet wholly welcome detail that really sets this model apart from the standard container. Furthermore the refrigeration aspects fit snugly into the standard container frame and so it is the same shape and size as the other kits. Small details like fan blades, grates and tiny bolts set this kit apart from inferior alternatives.

    It is a breeze to assemble and the simple instructions available online are easy to follow.

    This is a fantastic addition to any table for use in a wide variety of 28mm games, the value for money is on point and it looks like what is it supposed to be – A 28mm scale refrigerated shipping container. Very impressed.

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