BD1 – Easy District Buildings 1

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The easiest way to get all the current buildings from Easy District!

Otomo Apartments

These pre-fab concrete structures are strewn across Easy District and are home to the less forunate and poorer scum of Neo Sentry. Built in massive numbers by the Otomo Construction Group under contract to the Corporation, these towers are often poorly built and badly maintained. Considered sub-standard accomodation by many but due to the sheer number of these buildings built throughout the city it is often the only accomodation people can find.


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Archibald Hotel

Sir Malcom Archibald was once a respected leader of local government

Like many of the Easy District buildings the Archibald is designed to be stackable with fully accessible interiors. Each floor is seperated into 3 zones, the corridor that leads from the elevator and provides access to each room, and the 2 rooms, each with access to the balcony.

The fire escape at the back of the building provides easy access to the roof as well as each floor.


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Golden Key

We break away even further from the old style rectangular building such as the early Sentry City models with an unusual shape and sloping roof. There is so much going on in this model that you can really see how this building might have been something completely different in it's original life.


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"I remember The Obelisk. Owned by Dylan Chromefinger, the retired corporate factor. We used to hang there in the days before The Fall, when Easy District was a bustle of street deals and short tempers. Many a smartgun was unholstered in anger there, but Chromefinger had only one rule: "The first to draw picks up the tab". Aah the good old nights." Courtesy of Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman on Facebook.


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Third Eye

"I'm looking for something off market, a certain type of under-the-shelf object. I got cash, a sealed lip and a strong desire to continue living. If you can help me out you ain't gonna have any problems from me."


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It includes one of each of the following buildings:

  • Otomo Apartments
  • Archibald Hotel
  • Golden Key
  • Obelisk
  • Third Eye

This provides you with a good starting point to fleshing out a 4×4′ table.

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