BD2 – Hyper Detail Bundle

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For those of you that have your own scratch builds, other peoples kits or just want extra parts to jazz up our Easy District kits this bundle deal is for you.

Air Conditioners & Surveillance

This nifty widget pack includes three different styles of wall mounted, external air conditioner compressors, 2 different styles of surveillance cameras and some vents.


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These terminal units are super detailed. It is difficult to tell in the current images but the screens have some lovely engraving, and all the different angles and surface detail make these terminals very versatile.


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Heat Sinks

We call this widget pack Heat Sinks ... but they could really be anything. They are designed to be either glued back to back to create a standard object, or placed on walls.


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Solar Collectors

These Solar Collectors are interesting little widgets. Designed to be either mounted vertically or horizontally. We use these same widgets in the Third Eye kit from Easy District where we have mounted them on an included box which is perfect for placing on roofs or acting as a stand alone structure.


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Retro Fit Kit 1

This widget pack includes some cool accessories that we couldn’t put a proper name on, so we’ve just called them Retro Fit kits. They are designed to be added to your scratch builds or other terrain kits to add some visual elements.


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Screens & Vents

This pack includes various screens, vents, and compressors. It's an interesting widget pack as the vents have a very heavy sci-fi feel to them. We're calling them vents, but obviously due to their design they could work as anything you'd like them to!


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This bundle deal includes the following kits and provides you with a massive 78 widgets to detail your terrain:

  • 1 x Air Conditioner & Surveillance
  • 1 x Terminals
  • 1 x Heat Sinks
  • 1 x Solar Collectors
  • 1 x Retro Fit Kit 1
  • 1 x Screens & Vents

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