BD4 – Otomo Apartments Complex 61B
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BD4 – Otomo Apartments Complex 61B

$270.00 $229.50

This bundle deal gives you several Otomo Apartment buildings with additional floors so you can simulate an urban apartment complex, which we have creatively called Complex 61B.

Otomo Apartments × 3

These pre-fab concrete structures are strewn across Easy District and are home to the less forunate and poorer scum of Neo Sentry. Built in massive numbers by the Otomo Construction Group under contract to the Corporation, these towers are often poorly built and badly maintained. Considered sub-standard accomodation by many but due to the sheer number of these buildings built throughout the city it is often the only accomodation people can find.


Otomo Apartments Additional Floor × 6

This additional floor for the Otomo Apartment building adds another level.



Included in this bundle deal is:

  • 3 x Otomo Apartments
  • 6 x Otomo Apartments Additional Floors

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Otomo Apartments Instructions


Otomo Apartments Instructions

Otomo Apartments Additional Floor Instructions


Otomo Apartments Additional Floor Instructions