Box A – 380x190x140mm


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This case is designed to hold ‘horizontal’ foam trays (380 x 190mm).  It has in internal height capacity of 140mm, typical combinations of foam include:

  • 3x 35mm deep ‘horizontal’ trays (with 8mm topper), or
  • 4x 25mm deep ‘horizontal’ trays (with 8mm topper), or

When thinking about the foam you want to store in this case, keep in mind that the foam we produce has an 8mm base layer added to the foam depth, ie. a 35mm deep tray has pockets that are 35mm deep but the overall thickness of the tray is ~43mm (foam + base).

Internal Dimensions: 385 x 195 x 140mm

*this product does not include any foam, this product is for the box only

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