Bus Shelter


Often a common place for pick pockets to lurk! In a bustling metropolis like Paradigm you need to watch your pockets whilst you wait at the bus shelter.

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Cut in 1.8mm MDF this is a delicate kit and requires careful attention during assembly.

This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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2 reviews for Bus Shelter

  1. Anthony Birchill

    A beautiful kit made by KoD. Came together well, and the design of this is very clever. A lot of MDF kits leave you with visible connection tabs, but these are all hidden by the roof panels and the floor. Unfortunately the bus shelter walls aren’t interchangable without a bit of work, making the default kit one for roads where people driveon the right hand side. Nothing a bit of greenstuff couldn’t fix. The tabs in the cut-outs were perfect for attaching clear plastic sheet as windows.

  2. Trevor O’Hanlon

    I’ve built two of these kits so far and I have to say they are one of the best examples of KoD’s precision tooling and ability to product fine detail in a kit. The layered detail typical of many of KoD’s kits makes the bus station feel like a small building in itself, while maintaining a relatively simple construction process. If the table you are buying this for has a multi directional road, make sure you get two kits, so your busses can stop while travelling in both directions.

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