Cell Tower (x2)

Cell Tower (x2)


How are your citizens suppose to use their cell phone without any towers and antennas to transmit the signal? They can’t! You need some of these to adorn the roofs of your city, it adds interest to your roof tops and gives your citizens the means of communicate they crave!

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This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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  1. Michael Barry

    A nice little kit at an attractive price point. I picked this up at Wintercon Canberra, intending to make 2 towers as wargame urban scatter terrain. While assembling the first, I snapped the verticals in half! Note this was entirely my fault, not that of the kit.
    The project thus transformed into one celltower plus a battle-wreckage version of the same.
    Building was easy, once I took due care. A quirky little build, though gluing is essential. I used tacky glue (PVA) which is a bit wet for thin MDF and left some joins soggy.
    Thanks KoD for a great little kit! I promise to take better care of the next I build.

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