Dumpsters (x2)

Dumpsters (x2)


Where do the citizens and businesses of Sentry City dump their waste? In the municipal garbage dumpsters of course! Scattered througout the city, these dumpsters help transform your gaming table into something that looks far more realistic and inhabited. This pack includes 2 garbage dumpsters

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This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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2 reviews for Dumpsters (x2)

  1. Jamie Le Rossignol

    These great looking, little add ons to the gaming tables were fairly simple to put together, although next time I’m not going to use spray glue as sticky fingers do not make handling the small wheels easy.

  2. Andre Queree

    Cool trash dumpsters. Nicely detailed and simple to assemble. I’m still trying to decide whether to pin the lids to leave them openable, but they’ll look great on the game table either way.

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