Electric Lock Boxes

Electric Lock Boxes



So you’ve made contact with the rival Sprawl scum posse, dusted them thoroughly and nabbed the package out from under them. Job well done, the only thing to do now is make the handoff in a secure way to your mysterious benefactor.  Make the drop in a patented Electric Lock Box from Cyclops Security Corp. For a small subscription fee, this impenetrable storage crate won’t let anyone else access without your DNA coding or authorised passcode, unless they want a Cyclops dispatch team coming down on them. Just make sure you read the terms of service very carefully, unless you don’t mind Cyclops having legal access to your DNA sequence.

This kit is constructed from 1.8mm MDF and 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic pieces that really pop when put on the table. Each model will fit on a 30mm base. It contains 2x Electric Lock Boxes, and make excellent high tech objectives for games such as Reality’s Edge, Infinity, Killteam, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun or other Sci-fi gaming.


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