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We break away even further from the old style rectangular building such as the early Sentry City models with an unusual shape and sloping roof. There is so much going on in this model that you can really see how this building might have been something completely different in it’s original life.

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Even the covered, sloping lean-too with it’s walk up cafe style window looks like something that might have been added at some point in its life as the buildings purpose changed. This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve when talking about this model. We wanted something that looked like a futuristic road side diner cross with something technical. We think the antenna arrays and other bits and bobs on the building; especially the contraption at that back really help add to that impression.

This kit is made from 1.8mm MDF

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2 reviews for Golden Key

  1. Hieu Lam (verified owner)

    Nice building. Builds as pictured. The Instructions could be better. Nothing in this kit is labelled. Please note that the roof shingles are asymmetrical. Take my advice and dry fit everything. It will save you having to shave down plugs that don’t fit.

  2. Gianni.d.n.rossi

    This is building is awesome. First, it fits together very well, you can almost assemble it without glue that is how well the parts go together. It fits the atmosphere of a Blade Runner / Ghost in the Shell aesthetic (which was the whole point of the Neo-Sentry City line.) I highly recommend you spring for the second floor which really makes this building stand out, as well as the acrylic upgrade, having that big key in red acrylic that reflects light really makes it pop. One thing to note, my building came with white corrugated cardstock, not yellow (doesn’t make any difference as its going to be primed and then painted.)

    One other recommendation, when building the kit, leave the stairs, antenna array, heating unit and aircon unglued from the building. It will make it easier to paint. Spray them separately and then glue them on afterwards.

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