Retro Fit Kit 1


This widget pack includes some cool accessories that we couldn’t put a proper name on, so we’ve just called them Retro Fit kits. They are designed to be added to your scratch builds or other terrain kits to add some visual elements.

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Most of these components are intended to be mounted on walls, but you could use them in different ways.

The panels on the bottom left of the main image would make interesting tables as they are self standing, but at the same time adding them to vertical walls helps to break up the flatness of a large wall section.  Similarly the screens on the right can be used as floor mounted (though you will need something to fix them too, as they are slightly to small to stand properly.  Attaching them to walls makes for perfect viewing monitors or screens of some kind.

The rest of the widgets are just small components to help hyper-detail your terrain kits.

This pack includes:

  • 4 x Handles
  • 4 x Antenna
  • 4 x Keypads
  • 2 x Speakers
  • 4 x Vents
  • 2 x Vents
  • 4 x Panel Arrays
  • 4 x Monitors

This kit is made from 1.8mm MDF

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Retro Fit 1 Instructions