Rooftop Landing pad

Rooftop Landing pad


A small landing pad for placing on the roofs of buildings.

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This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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1 review for Rooftop Landing pad

  1. Gianni.d.n.rossi (verified owner)

    Very quick to assemble building add-on that provides a lot of character to a building. Fits on the Archibald, Obeslisk, Otomo and 3rd Eye, although I plan to add it to the roof of another manufacturer’s building to at fool the eye that their building is similarly detailed as KoD products. (I saved a lot of the MDF cuttoffs from my construction to add as gribbly bits on those kits.) The landing pad can accommodate 2 hover cars or one larger drop ship style vehicle.

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Rooftop Landing Pad