Scar3crow Locator Beacons

Scar3crow Locator Beacons



Need a quick extraction but your government issued RFID chip can’t cut through the the humming static congestion of Easy District grid? Then why not try a Scar3crow, the heavy duty black market locator beacon! Powerful enough to punch through even the hungriest of bandwidth sucking advertising streams, Scar3crow will get you to safety in no time, as long as you’ve paid your subscription of course.

This kit is constructed from 1.8mm MDF and 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic pieces that really pop when put on the table. Each model will fit on a 30mm base. It contains 2x Scar3crow Locator Beacons, and make excellent high tech objectives for games such as Reality’s Edge, Infinity, Killteam, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun or other Sci-fi gaming.


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