Third Eye

Third Eye


“I’m looking for something off market, a certain type of under-the-shelf object. I got cash, a sealed lip and a strong desire to continue living. If you can help me out you ain’t gonna have any problems from me.”

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This is one of the only models in the Easy District range that does not include windows on the ground floor, that gives this model a very ‘mysterious’ feel. It could be something as simple as an adult toy shop, a black market cybernetic shop, or some kind of futuristic occult store.

Like all the Easy District building kits this model is stackable allowing you to use additional floors to make the model as tall as you’d like. whilst still being able to access the interior on every level.

Included in this kit as are two Solar Collectors (which are also available separately in the widget range) which can either be glued to the buildings roof, or left as a stand alone piece for maximum flexibility.

This kits is made from 1.8mm MDF

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Weight 0.6 kg

2 reviews for Third Eye

  1. gwrulz (verified owner)

    Simple to build but complicated in design. Recommended.

  2. Malcolm Sharp

    Lots of detail and a joy to build. Highly recommended.

  3. jason scott

    Great little kit to build and has plenty of character to it, really happy with this one.

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