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Reconnecting – Live Streaming

Before we jump into todays article I really need to say that I am really enjoying writing these articles. 

After the first few days I was really struggling, I just didn’t know what to write about, I didn’t know how long it would take me to write an article and I was often leaving them until quite late at night to write … this article, well it’s 10:39am and I’ve got a clear idea of what I want to write about.

I think I can also see how easy it can be to just pop a few words together, throw in a few images and click post.  There are loads of things I’m not happy with and if I wasn’t using 1AD to push myself, I’m sure I’d have turned those things into excuses NOT to write the article.

I’m feeling motivated, positive and powerful.  

Now … today’s article, a commitment to live streaming!

Viv sitting at the computer doing some design work from home

I really enjoy live streams, I enjoy watching them and being part of the chat and I really like presenting them. They are a wonderful way to not only ‘feel’ connected but to also ‘be’ connected to other creators and hobbyists.  There is a wonderful scene of community associated with live streams also, and I LOVE that.

With the success I feel so far with the  1AD project, I’m committing to getting my Design Night live session up and running.  It’s a great chance to get together with the KoD community and chat wargaming.  Not only can I get a little but of design work done, which could vary from just playing around or working on actual new products, but it’s also a good chance to catch up with YouTube channels I follow.

So if you’re interested and available … book mark the LIVE URL and I’ll see you on Friday nights for a little hobby talk.

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