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Team Yankee BAOR foam trays

We’ve been working with Tom Chenu from the local Team Yankee community here in Melbourne to release new shapes for Team Yankee. There are a range of new British shapes now available on CreateIt for you to design your own custom storage trays, however we’ll soon be releasing 9 new BAOR trays on the website!

Tom and Adam (I think it’s Adam, sorry if I’ve forgotten your name mate!) came into the studio a few weeks back and brought with them a whole range of British, Soviet and East German miniatures from the Team Yankee game produced by Battle Front.

After photographing all the miniatures and spending considerable time tracing and adjusting all the shapes we came up with a host of new options for you to create your own trays using CreateIt.

First out of the gate are 9 new trays for the BAOR (British Army Of the Rhine) forces. These have all been designed to hold complete platoons or units. Tom has been super helpful in not only designing the trays for us using the shapes we created using his models, but also outlining what every tray holds!

We’ll be releasing these trays shortly on the website and in retail stores across Australia. If your local store does not stock or order-in our products ask them to contact us or our distributor Let’s Play Games.

You can browse through the pictures below to see the rest of the trays, simply click on the image to open a larger preview and navigate back and forth … simples!

If you play the British forces in Team Yankee, would you consider these trays as an option for storing your miniatures?

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