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Temporary Shipping Changes – Once A Week

TLDR: Orders will be shipped once a week on Friday’s until further notice

As always, I hope everyone is keeping well!

The week ahead should be amazing. 

The floor and walls are being painted in the new product packing area and some molding and casting is going on, but there are also lots of smaller more regular jobs that need to be done also … emails/messages, custom work, corporate accounting, book keeping, marketing, articles, videos, editing, cleaning, admin … RENOVATIONS!

Part of the back of the studio in renovation 'flux' ... plenty of moving to do!

As I am currently working alone at the moment it’s become increasing difficult to get orders out everyday, as well as get everything else done. Getting the orders pack and processed isn’t really an issue, that just happens by default but in order to get the rest of my house in order I need to make less trips to the post office so I can get that other work done.

The biggest issue here, and it’s completely a “me” thing is that the post office is between my house and the studio. Mail leaves at 4pm each afternoon from the depot, so I need to get there around 3:30 so they have time to process it. 

The post office is quite close, but several days a week I do the after school pickup run so I usually head to the post office around 3pm each day … it just helps keep things consistent

In the packing area showing my appreciation for your orders!


On those days I don’t do the school run at 3pm, my daughter has after school-care so I collect her around 5:30.  On those days, it has become all too frequent (and this the ‘me’ part) that instead of returning to the studio after dropping the mail off, I just continue on the way home and chill out for a bit before collecting my daughter.

That is not entirely a bad thing!  More time to relax, more time with family! 

The issue being, in the past there were always other people still at the studio working … and now it’s just me! I’m slowly falling behind in everything, and everything is suffering, so changes there must be!

As much as love you guys, I will drop anything, anytime for 'My Precious', Charlotte Valetine

So that I can bring the standard of everything back up to par and ensure I have the time I need to complete the renovations in a prompt manner and allow time  for all the other jobs, I’ll only be shipping orders ONCE A WEEK … each Friday.  

I have removed the Express Post shipping option from the website and there is also a banner showing the temporary changes to shipping.

I’m not entirely sure how long this will last but hopefully I can get the studio in order over the coming months and we can return to a prompt and efficient level of service.

Thanks again for your support!

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