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Updating our Articles!

We’ve historically been TERRIBLE at using the Articles section on our website to post information and articles about what we’re working on and releasing … that really needs to be remedied!

We get a lot of repeat questions from our wonderful customers, many of which can be answered with good, well-written articles. For example one of the most common questions is; “Do I need to prime my models” or “What do you use to prime the models?”
We use British Paints: Spray Easy to prime all our models and parts

We’re a very small operation and it’s easy to get carried away producing new kits or running around the studio like headless chickens doing various things and forget that we really can provide a better ‘after-sales’ service by spending the time writing, filming and producing articles and videos for our wonderful customers to help them get the most out of our kits.

At the moment (of writing this article) we have a smattering of videos on our YouTube channel and almost no articles about hobby related activities on the website, but we need to change that.
One technique we’ve used to represent stucco/mud rendered buildings

So, aside from the usual things (new releases etc) we’ll start posting about more frequently … what would you like to see us write about or cover in our Articles section on the website?

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  1. Hi Viv and Team

    Love your work. Be keen to see different paintjobs on the kits, including and especially some step by step tutorials for painting them. Also be nice to get some previews/updates on upcoming releases.


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