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US Force Recon (Eureka Miniatures)

I’ve been a big fan of modern games for a long time, it was part of the reason I made the Tabula Rasa range many years ago, if I recall correctly the Desert Buildings range was the first in the TR series. I wanted some simple buildings I could customise and use for various ‘modern’ locations that didn’t cost a fortune and were simple to put together.  It’s therefore no surprise that I LOVE painting modern wargaming figures.

My collection of moderns is pretty much exclusive to Eureka Miniatures, though I do have figures from Empress Miniatures as well.  Eureka are local for me which makes it easy to buy way too much but more importantly they are extremely fun to paint!  I’ve had this collection of US Force Recon miniatures for a while, and painted them many years ago.

I really like this radio operator, I have no idea what weapon he is carrying (I feel a strong, unexplained connection to modern miniatures but have no idea about modern weaponry etc).  As with most of my moderns I don’t worry to much about picking out every detail or highlighting everything, but I’m happy how they turn out and are perfectly suited to regular game play.


There are only 6 guys in this set, but for some reason I seem to have a duplicate of the guy with the large back pack above.  I have a tendency to get a little carried away when I visit Eureka so perhaps I grabbed him when I was picking through other modern figures from the many, many drawers of awesome figures that Nic has there!


Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a record of how I painted these guys.  I’ve been trying to get into the habit of recording what/how I paint things on my Facebook page (RubbishInRubbishOut), but I’ve been thinking lately that it makes much more sense to use my own website and blog to record what I do rather than somewhere else! It gives me content I can share with everyone as well as maintaining a log of what I do … and hopefully you might look at some of the awesome products we make here at Knights of Dice as well!  🙂


I’m a big fan of Kostas style (he sculpts his own ranges that are sold by Eureka Miniatures), they are so much fun to paint.  Whilst they might be a little more ‘chunky’ than some of the modern ranges out there, I’ve found them much easier to paint than figures (for example) that I have done from Empress.  I don’t mind chunky hands, or bigger weapons … from 3 feet away it make little difference and being thicker, they are more durable.


I don’t get to play many modern games as much as I’d like … I don’t get to play ANY games as much as I’d like!  Whilst the Axes & Ales Gaming Club that I founded meets every Thursday (well, it used to pre-covid), I still don’t get to play as I’m typically into small, odd games that not many people play.  I’ve messed around a lot of Spectre Operations, the modern rules from Spectre Miniatures and I think that this team of Recon guys would be amazing an Elite force in loads of narrative scenarios.


I’m going to start posting more articles about my own personal hobby work here on the Knights of Dice website, whether it directly relates to KoD or not.  It just makes sense to me to have a ‘single point of contact’ so to speak for ALL my hobby work rather then posting things on the various groups or my own Facebook pages etc.

I have a great deal of fun painting these guys, I wish I had a record for how I do them but even so I’m not fussed about ‘historical accuracy’ and if I did another group of these guys I’d probably paint them differently anyway.

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