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WAAAGH! It’s a big project!

I’ve been lugging this horde Ork army around for years, it mostly consists of Blackreach Orks with various older models donated to me by my brother Aki.

I have no idea why I’ve decided to start with the Orks, and a Games Workshop army none-the-less! No idea, there are LOADS of smaller armies/gangs I could start with.

I guess a part of me just wants to get these older armies painted and capable of being displayed, rather then hidden away in boxes. I’m unlikely to ever use them, but I’m certainly not getting rid of them, so might as well get them finished!

Here are the pictures of the entire army and have a look at all those boyz!! I’ll be completing this army in the yellow colour scheme of the Bad Moons. Some models have already been started and I’ve always liked yellow, after this project my Imperial Fists will need to be completed.

I’m not going for a bright yellow, more a yellow with a hint of mustard. I think it looks great against the dark steel of the metal areas and only needs a good contrasting colour for some of the smaller details here and there.

Surprisingly enough the massive paint job ahead doesn’t phase me, I’ve always found Orks easy and fun to paint. I’m looking forward to it!

Several things needs to be organised first, such as picking up some Simple Green and getting a new sonic cleaning machine; my other one went to cleaning machine heaven. Obviously everything won’t be stripped, but anything that is will get a black undercoat.

Lots of special units to paint too … some old some new. There are some others that are not pictured but I’ll cover each of them as I come to them.

It’s going to be a BEAST of a project, but I’m super excited about it. I for-see mass batch painting and many coffees ahead!

Next Step
Up next will be the army ‘ready’ to be painted and my thoughts for how I will tackle the job.

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