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CreateIt Video Help

CreateIt is a super powerful tool for designing your own custom foam inserts to keep your miniatures safe! 

We haven’t seen anything else as powerful as this in the market, and due to it’s robust set of features these handy video tutorials will help you get the most out of your experience.

User Interface

Firstly, let’s take a look at the interface and become familiar with the look and feel of the program:

Preset vs Custom Foam Size

Now that we are familiar with the User Interface, let’s talk a little about using the tool to make foam trays of any size

Adding corners to your trays

One useful feature in CreateIt that allows you to design any custom foam to fit any case is adding corners to the edges of your tray, the Corners tool allows you to modify how the corners of your foam trays appear. Our cases use 15mm corner radius as standard, but your project might require something different and you can use the Corners tool to select the radius you’d like on your corners.

Selecting tray thickness

Now we know how to create a canvas of the size and shape for the tray we need, the next thing we need to know about is the thickness of the trays (or each layer) themselves. Shapes in our library are pre-loaded with the required thickness of foam for each model and the software will advise you if the thickness you have selected is appropriate. You can change the layer thickness at anytime whether you are selecting shapes from the library or making your own completely custom trays.

Canvas restrictions and edges

Before we start adding shapes to our canvas we need to be aware of the limitations on where you can place objects, after all we don’t want things in the wrong place or cutting other shapes in half! Part of this includes the Canvas Edge Detection. This limits the internal space in which you can add your shapes and helps maintain an appropriate buffer or ‘cushion’ around the edge of your tray. By default this feature is turned on, however you can switch it off and you would only ever need to do so if you are particularly creative and need something custom that requires such a feature.

Aligning shapes

Okay, we’ve been through quite a bit and you’ve now started adding shapes to your canvas either by selecting them from the shapes Library or using the primitive shapes from the menu on the left. To help you make your tray ‘beautiful’, you might like to align and space things evenly out. There are alignment and spacing tools in CreateIt which allow you to do just this!

Merging shapes together

Now that we have some shapes on our canvas, sometimes it can be useful to merge different shapes together to create unique slots. You can merge any primitive shapes you add to the canvas, however you cannot merge shapes from the library.

Editing Shapes

So you’ve added some shapes, maybe even merged a few things together … what happens if you need to edit that shape? Well, this handy tool allows you to manipulate the points of any shapes you have added to the canvas, again keeping in mind that anything from the shapes library cannot be modified.

Making form-fitted shapes

And now, for one of the most powerful features in CreateIt …. making form-fitted shapes from your own pictures using the Image Tracer! Now you can make form-fitted shapes for your uniquely shaped/posed figures and keep them comfy and safe in style!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and chat with us, we’d love to help you with your custom foam project and understanding how to use CreateIt is the fastest (and cheapest!) way to get exactly what you need!

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