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Tournament & Event Support

We get a lot of requests from event and tournament organisers asking for support for their events … and we love it!

Gaming shows, conventions, tournaments and club leagues are all great activities that support the tabletop wargaming hobby.  Thank you, thank you for the time and effort you put into showcasing and supporting your favourite games!

There are a few details that you need to be aware of before registering your event.

Showing people playing games

What support packages do we offer?

The cost of all support packages vary depending on the size and type of event you are running, but they mainly consist of providing:

  • Vouchers for you to give out to your players
  • A limited quantity of free prizes*
  • Website discount codes to help make purchasing any prizes more affordable
  • We have four Event Packages ranging from $0 to $300.

Do you qualify for support?

Before filling out the event support form it’s important to know that we can only offer support to actual tournaments and events, so we have a few criteria that need to be met.

Your event must:

  • be open to the public to register and join (it can be a free or paid event)
  • be advertised online either via a website or social media
  • be a minimum of 16 players

Want custom trophies or awards?

We can produce almost anything you need to support your event, including:

  • table number markers
  • trophies
  • custom templates
  • objective markers

Simply fill out a Custom Request Form and we can talk about what you need! Please note it can often take several weeks for custom work to be scheduled in so please plan accordingly.

Ready to Register your event?

If you’re event qualifies, we are ready to help support your event!  Simply complete the Tournament & Event Support Form and we can get things started.  Please note it can often take time to respond to requests or prepare any physical offerings, so if you want to reach out for support please plan accordingly.

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