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Privacy Notice

‘Aint no one gettin’ their hands on ya’ information!
Cpt Laser, Captain in charge of the laser room

We collect and store personal information about you when you sign up to shop at the Knights of Dice online store. We use that information strictly for the purposes of providing you services in relation to the purchase of products and services from our website.

What information do you collect and store?

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address
  • Your date of birth (if you supply it)
  • Your telephone number (if you supply it)

It is necessary for us to collect these details in order to send you products you order from our website. We only use that information in the delivery of our services and these details are store securely and encrypted in our database. When you submit those details to us the are also encrypted using SSL technology and only accessed by our staff in order to prepare and send out your orders. The personal information listed above is NEVER supplied to any other party other than our shipping agents, and only then in the event that we are sending out your package and they need your address details to send you your order.

You do not need to supply your data of birth when you register your account, if you do, we only use that information to send you birthday greetings and offer you special discounts or other benefits on your birthday.

You do not need to supply your telephone number when you register your account, if you do, we only use that information in the event that we urgently need to reach you in relation to your order and only then when other avenues of communication (such as email) have not been effective or responded to quickly.

Do you keep my credit card details?

  • No!

We do not collect, store or have access to your credit card or PayPal details. We use PayPal as our payment provider online and all transactions from our store are processed by them either by you logging into PayPal to complete the transaction, or supplying your credit card details on the PayPal payment forms. At no time do we have access to your credit card details.

Who has access to my personal information?

The only people who have access to your personal information that is collected and stored by us our staff of Knights of Dice, and that access is restricted to key personal. Staff involved in packing your order do not have direct access to your data, and are provided with your details in printed format in order to pick and pack your order and to prepare packaging for shipping.

What do you do with my email address?

Your email address is used as a facility to communicate with you about your order, to send you status updates (ie, your order has been shipped) and as a mechanism to authenticate your account when you logon.

We will NEVER supply or sell any of your details, including your email address to any other party in any format. We hate spam as much as anyone and respect your privacy and abide by the Privacy Act 1998 and 2011 as determined and outlined by Australian Privacy Law.

I think there has been a breach!

If you believe that your personal information has been compromised, or that we have supplied your details to another party we ask that you contact us urgently so that we can investigate



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