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Limited Time to Order Foam


I hope everyone is well. The support so far has been absolutely overwhelming, THANK YOU!

The messages, the comments, the emails, the text messages … the ORDERS. Wow. I really wasn’t expecting this kind of send off!  The last six months have been particularly quiet so I figured I’d get a reasonable amount of orders, but not this volume!  Someone did recently mentioned though, “You told us you were closing, so I had to put an order in before you closed!”, so whilst I’m still surprised, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

I still have some debts that need to be settled but the HUGE influx of orders has alleviated much of the financial pressure (and allowed me to buy some cheeky “parting gifts” for my PC gaming setup at home!) that has slowly  been building and has created some much needed breathing room … but now I have HUNDREDS of orders that need to be processed. I guess that’s a good thing!

Now, to the subject of the article!  FOAM ORDERS.

I need to put a final order in for foam, and given there seems to be some delay in receiving my foam stock from the suppliers, I need to know final numbers so I don’t end up having to order again, or be left with excess material that will need to be stored etc.

What is happening:

  • final date for ordering foam will be Monday 12th June (late notice, I know!)
  • final order for foam will be submitted to the supplier on Tuesday 13th June
  • on the evening of Monday 12th June, all foam and storage products (bags, boxes etc) will be marked “Out of Stock” and cannot be ordered after the 12th
  • there is a SIGNIFICANT delay in processing all orders (estimated 4-6 weeks)
  • I will continue processing orders post 30th June until the backlog is cleared, but no new orders after the 30th will be possible

Custom foam and CreateIt

CreateIt no longer interfaces with the website, and hasn’t for several months now. 

Updates to both WordPress and WooCommerce have rendered CreateIt incapable of communicating without crashing other sections of the website and given I am winding things down, I cannot justify the significant programming costs in having CreateIt updated.

I will not be able to accept any custom foam requests. Sorry!

Once again, THANK YOU for your amazing support and your PATIENCE in awaiting your order!  

All the coffees, the orders, everything … it truly is a blessing!

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