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We strongly believe in manufacturing the highest quality product we can, and backing that up with outstanding customer service and support ... we don't always get it right, but we try!

We strongly believe in providing top quality support to our customers, whether you have shopped with us directly or bought through your local game store.

Mispacks, mistakes and machine errors do occur from time to time, and whilst we use the best laser cutters on the market and our quality control processes are pretty tight, mistakes do happen.  If you’ve experienced a problem with one of our kits, never fear, get in contact with us and we’ll sort out your problems ASAP.

To make things easier for us, we would very much prefer you to complete the various forms we use to provide support rather than sending us an email or contacting us on Facebook … both those systems are constantly busy and it can be easy for our staff to miss things amongst the wonderful feedback we receive, the spam, and the day-to-day emails that drift around.

To make things easier to track we use different Forms for different types of support, this helps to make sure your issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

If you experience any problems using the forms please Contact Us

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